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Seminars and Speaking Engagements

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 Sarah Jane's Programs

Sarah Jane offers several speaking programs, or she can personally design a program for your group.
Contact Sarah Jane with any questions, or to schedule an engagement.

The Art of Tasting Wine
This program includes the significance of various wine colors, how to observe the wine, how to smell it and attune your palate, wine vocabulary, when to decant, what the cork tells you and things persons need to know to feel comfortable about ordering, buying and serving wine in moderation.  This program is flexible in the amount of time, space setting, and (if wines are poured) the number of wines, staff to pour and glass rental.

This program delights all sorts of crowds.  The history describes a few provocatively amusing incidents, but also offers a wealth of interesting information about the process of making wine.  The program length can run from 15 minutes to whatever length of time is needed for the enjoyment of the listeners.  Wine services add cost and time to the program.

The Wines of Texas
Texas had prolific native grapes, but no native people.  This program explores the history of human habitation and gastronomy in Texas, from the earliest hunters and gatherers, the Spanish exploration and the opening of the Texas frontier to the present day production and consumption of Texas wine.  The program format is adjustable.  Presented with a narrative and slide show, it can last 20 or 40 minutes.  The program may be presented with or without wines.

Wine and Food Pairing
Matching foods and wines relies to a large extent on common sense.   A major factor concerns the flavoring ingredients in a sauce or garnish.  Many people (and rightfully so) pick a wine to go with the main course, and the selection usually involves meat.  The old adage "white wine with white meat, and red wine with red meat" is a bit simplistic, because today's sauces and accompaniments can be especially creative.  This program has flexible time limits and various presentation formats.  Foods and wines may or may not be served, depending upon your needs.

The Healthy Lifestyle
Dining with wine in moderation helps you live a longer and better life, and benefits health.  Sarah Jane reports the latest research and fun facts.

     Manners should make everyone more comfortable.  Business executives and their staff members want to make poised and gracious impressions when ordering wine, hosting a dinner or making introductions.  This seminar reviews decorum in pertinent situations to make doing business dignified and pleasant.

Wine, Romance, and Verse
  It's an entertaining, 20-minute program that reviews the history of romance with quotes from verse on wine and love.  It's a favorite for short programs at luncheons and dinners or a relaxing opener for any number of events.




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Raves About Sarah Jane

"...Texas' best ambassador on the subjects of history, food and wine."
~Susan Auler, Co-Owner of Fall Creek Vineyards
"Her wine insight and presentations are clean, crisp and refreshing"
~Paul Bonnarigo, Owner of Messina Hof Wine Cellars
"...a raconteur par excellence!  She spins a yarn Texas-style, [and] captures the audiences with her brilliance and delightful sense of humor.  Audiences young and old adore her wit."
~Paula Lambert, Owner, Mozzarella Company
"Sarah Jane's...ability to recount interesting information in witty ways make her shine before any audience."
~Dr. Ed Sharpe, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, The University of Texas System Administration
"[An evening with Sarah Jane is] a special evening."
~Rita Clements, Former First Lady of Texas
"[Sarah Jane's] popular, anecdotal presentations cover everything that makes people comfortable in selecting, handling and serving wine, and her remarks on history are tantalizing and memorable."
~Ann Friou, Former President of Women in Communications


Upcoming Engagements

Many of Ms. English's speaking engagements are private, and therefore are not published on the Web site calendar.

May 1-May 29
Tuesdays, Sarah Jane English Symposium on Wine
Austin, Texas
Contact SJE for more information

If you would like Sarah Jane to speak at your group's next engagement, please e-mail or call Ms. English at 512/474-1889.