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Sharing is Unnatural
A new and different book from Sarah Jane, a collection of short, humorous essays about things that amuse, confuse, amaze and confound.

AVAILABLE NOW at your local bookstore.


please send a check (sorry, no credit cards) made to Sarah Jane English for $13 (inclusive of book, postage and handling) with your mailing address and a name for the inscription to:
2107 Hartford Road, Austin, TX 78703

"Beware all leaf-blower-bearing Neanderthals, philistines dragging oversized luggage, and habitual spitters. In her new work, Sharing Is Unnatural, Sarah Jane English hangs you out to dry on a clothesline called TRUTH.   God bless her."

Jaston Williams
Author and star of GREATER TUNA

"I would classify Sarah Jane as having such basic, Texas-sized, down-to-earth, common sense that it brings forth a dry sense of humor, by making the obvious funny.  She dead-pans her lines to comment on the commonplace like hairstyles, face make-up, caviar and call-answering machines.  Most humor makes us laugh, but she makes us think and laugh."

Liz Carpenter
Former press secretary to Lady Bird Johnson and
co-founder of the National Women's Political Caucus

"If Sarah Jane were a bottle of wine, she would be vintage Champagne -- bracing, effervescent, clean on the palate and incisive; appealing to the intelligent, discriminating, slightly intoxicating, always refreshing.  This exquisite small collection of essays is a flute of 'Sarah Jane Champagne', a good companion for travelling to the stars.  Enjoy!"

Astronaut Dave Walker
Commander of space shuttles Atlantis, Discovery and

"For someone who claims that sharing is unnatural, Sarah Jane loves to share. She also loves to teach, and when she does, the wise listen. Above all, she understands the importance of good manners and social graces in a society too keen to leave things behind—often the best things. I think this is the message of [Sharing is Unnatural]...Sarah Jane English is best experienced in person. I recommend attending her lectures, seminars and readings if at all possible... Short of that, you should read Sharing is Unnatural...because any time at all enjoyed with this Texas original is time well spent."

David Marion Wilkinson
Author, NOT BETWEEN BROTHERS (Spur Award finalist "Best Novel of the West" and 1997 Violet Crown Award for best fiction) and THE EMPTY QUARTER, May 1998


Other books by Sarah Jane English

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The Wines of Texas The Wines of Texas

"Sarah Jane English's writing experience combined with dedicated travel in the wine regions of the world, Texas residency, and an
unabashed enthusiasm for the developing Texas wines have provided a fine foundation for The Wines of Texas, her second book on wine."

Marvin Overton, III
physician, wine connoisseur and collector
4th edition: 2002, Hardback, 239 pages
Top Chefs in New Orleans Top Chefs in New Orleans

"Sarah Jane English has managed to tap the best toques in New Orleans and coaxed them to give up not just their recipes, but a good part of their spirit.  The interviews with the chefs are as enlightening about New Orleans cookery as are their recipes."

John Mariani
Author, restaurant critic for Esquire Magazine
1992, Hardback, 155 pages
Top Chefs in Texas Top Chefs in Texas

"Sarah Jane English [culls] recipes from a corps of inventive chefs and organizes them in cleverly conceived menus, coupled with not one but two wine choices for each course. From appetizers to desserts, offerings will intrigue those in the know--and others out of it."

Publisher's Weekly
1992, Hardback, 226 pages
Vin Vignettes Vin Vignettes
Stories of Famous French Wines

"Never has a class in history been so entertaining.  Sarah Jane has combined wit and a good sense of the wines of France, and made their origins fascinating.  This book will be a favorite in my library."

Robert Mondavi
1984, Hardback, 90 pages
Collector's Item